Even water can have your identety



Demand for personalized products in the world is growing rapidly, as visibility is the key to success. Coca-Cola, taste the feeling. Everyone will recognize the slogan of the famous sweet drink. You can even visualize the logo easily. But why limit public visibility to just large corporations? Personalized water is an affordable product to promote. Your water, your pride!

With promotional water and design be ORIGINAL and no one will turn you down! You will always stand out, because every personalized water is different! The label shows you and your company, and with the right design, your logo, slogan and the company itself will be etched in the minds of your customers! Tourists often and gladly take souvenirs, and if you make an effort with the design, the souvenir can be just your spring water.

Not every water is of the same quality. If you put your own label on the bottle, it represents your company, your personality and ultimately yourself. The most successful domestic and foreign companies have been giving us their trust for years and are happy to brag about promoting themselves with promotional water (Water 902). We are proud to offer our partners crystal clear spring water from untouched nature.




Send us an inquiry with the following information:

– Company information (address, OIB);
– Amount of water
– Do you want delivery
– Do you need a design

We will send you an official offer as soon as possible.



After accepting the offer and confirming the payment, send us the design of your sticker.  Design can be done by your graphic designer or our leave it to our professional designers. Send us the materials for making the design (pictures, logo …). We will send you a few suggestions. When you are completely satisfied with the design, the label goes into print. In the end, we choose the color of the cap that goes with your design.


When the bottles are filled and the water is ready for delivery, it is picked up by our delivery service or our delivery partners. Water is delivered on a door to door basis. Another option is to pick up water in person at our warehouse.

How will spring water in a promotional bottle impress your customers? With its purity and clarity. Water 902 springs in the miraculous nature of the Kamniško-Savi njskih Alps at an altitude of 1100 meters from a hill of volcanic origin. The medals obtained on quality and purity confirm that it is real natural water. We have not forgotten about preserving the environment. Our plastic bottles are 100% recyclable, and we have introduced a refund to help us contribute to a better tomorrow. Invest in your brand and you will not be disappointed.


The promotion of their companies has been entrusted to us for years by the most successful domestic and foreign companies who like to brag about promoting their company with promotional water. We brought promotional water to Croatia at the beginning of 2017. Personalized water has been proudly representing companies such as: X adventure, Menegeti, Restaurant Cicibela Baška, Veneto banka, Hotel Palace Zagreb, Anastasia Zagreb, PSC Zagreb, AC Emil Frey, Porsche, Camp Polidor and many others. Be among them and let’s continue the story together.

With your promotional water, we promote your brand together. We will merge your company into a whole and you will offer your clients advertising that will refresh and delight them!

With us you will never stay thirsty for good advertising!


We will gladly anwser your question

If you want us to send you a pro forma invoice, in the “message” field, write us the desired amount of water and information about your company (address and OIB of your company).


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