Design of Promotional water is an important factor that shapes the visual identity of your product or service on the water bottle. With a personalized approach in creative design and the quality of natural spring water, we have become a recognizable brand that wants to help you strengthen your brand and increase its visibility. Based on the practice from our previous experiences, we can and want to provide you with expert advice regarding design.


Need inspiration when designing your own label?

Take a look at some interesting examples of our clients. Let water be your business, the source of life – the source of innovation.

Do you want us to help you? Our team of designers is at your service, to make a design according to your wishes with the best quality.

The color of the cap locks your promotional bottle completely, so we offer you a wide range of colors. Possible plug colors are white, red, orange, dark blue, blue, green, yellow, silver, black and gold. CMYK colors are the best approximations of the color of the plug.


For those who are artists themselves and know graphic design, we have prepared templates for all our products that differ according to the purpose of use. Each design has labels for spring water and fruit-flavored water. Choose the template you want to order.

Template for 0.5 l water labels. Their use is for bottles that are sold (bars, hotels).

Template for 0.5 l water labels. Their use is for bottles that are for advertising purposes.