Promotional water is a Slovenian product, which is the leading Slovenian provider of private label water bottles with its own bottling plant, which provides our customers with numerous advantages. Meet them.


Private label water bottles

Offer your clients water with your logo. Like that, you invest in your brand.

Minimal quantities

We fill water with your logo from 600 bottles onwards. In our special offers you can buy it in smaller quantities.

Best price on the market

Own bottling plant and delivery allows us to avoid paying “margins” that are usually paid when buying water from other providers.

Fast delivery service

Promotional water with your company identity can be deliverd to your adress in 24 hours.


We offer a 100% guarantee for orders of up to 1200 bottles. If you are not satisfied with the private lable water bottles, you can return the products to us, and we guarantee a refund for the product. For larger orders, you can request a product sample.


The water is special because of its purity and it springs in the hill of a volcanic spring. The natural mountain water source is located at just over 1100 meters above sea level. Water springs in the untouched nature of the Kamniško-Savinjskih Alps, more precisely in Črnivec, where there is no industry, populated areas and agricultural land that would pollute the water. That is why over the years it has become synonymous with clean and quality Slovenian water.


Private label water bottles with your favorite flavor. Perfect.

We know that sometimes “natural taste” is not enough for you, so we want to please you with special flavors. For this purpose, in addition to natural spring water, we also fill with selected flavors. Meet them.

Elderberry-flavored water “CHAMPION” is among the flavored waters because it was the only water in Slovenia to win the title of quality champion AGRA 2015!

Tastes: Strawberry, Lemon and orange, Elderflower, Green apple and Peach.


Caring for the environment and future generations.

Earth is beautiful. May it remain so for our future generations. It is the responsibility of all of us to protect it with our actions. At Voda 902, we fully contribute to sustainable development through numerous measures. We work with nature, not against it, our product is the “Miracle of Nature” and we want to preserve this miracle for our future generations. We have built a bottling plant that meets strict environmental standards. For cardboard substrates we use only 100% recycled paper.