At first glance, all waters seem the same, but in fact they are quite different from each other. The first and most important difference between different brands of water is already visible at the source. The taste and effect of individual waters are influenced by the content of minerals, trace elements and other components caused by the action of pressure, temperature, gases and the content of dissolved rocks. The diversity of minerals, as well as the nutritional and physiological effects of each water, are influenced by the characteristics of the underground environment in which the water flows, the depth at which the water is pumped, and the retention time in the underground space. Promotional water is from an underground source, which is protected from any possibility of contamination. It bears the name spring water with the permission of the competent state institution, as proof of higher standards in relation to ordinary table water.

Promotional water bottles are filled into plastic bottles and glass bottles. Before buying a plastic water bottle, be sure to check what material the plastic is made of, as not every plastic is of the same quality. It is important to never store plastic bottles for long periods of time in the sun and high temperatures, as this can trigger a number of reactions that can contaminate the water in the bottle.



Why is promotional water filled into plastic bottles? First of all, the reason is practicality. Glass packaging is almost impossible to use at various events and venues. That is why plastic is used at fairs, business meetings, conferences, in mini bars in hotels, on the beach, in restaurants, in pizzerias, beach bars… Conscientious users can fill a bottle with tap water several times and thus justify the possible environmental disadvantage of PET bottle production.

Of course, we are aware of the bad impact of plastic on the environment, so the Promotional Water bottling plant  has strict environmental standards. Promotional water bottles of spring water can be 100% recycled, just like paper labels.

            Promotional water bottles can be used multiple times after we drink their original contents. If you’re getting ready to travel, you don’t have to buy new plastic bottles; simply fill the old ones with tap water. Save the plastic water bottles you once received or purchased and use them again on the next occasion. They are also great for recreational users, because plastic bottles do not break, so they should not be taken care of, such as glass ones. It is a material that you can very easily reuse. If you have children or they come to visit you and you are thinking how to entertain them, give them stored plastic bottles that can be a great material for creative work. Kids can make truly amazing and beautiful things from plastic bottles.


Our plastic bottles are made of plastic that is 100% recyclable, which makes them a great choice. The promotional water bottle has a nice shape and if you get promotional water bottles that you like on the label, you will definitely use them repeatedly, so the message on the label itself becomes even more visible. We know that plastic bottles on sale are still very current because, despite being an environmentally conscious consumer, they are very practical. Lower prices are not negligible either, which are often more important than the ecological point of view. People need to be made aware that all plastic bottles need to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. We must be aware that it is necessary to use as many materials as possible repeatedly. Due to the choice of material from which plastic bottles are made, recycling is certainly possible.

Promotional water bottles can be a beautiful, original and especially useful gift for anyone. You can offer personalized water bottles to literally anyone. It can be a wonderful business gift, but you can also offer it to your customers and make them happy.

Personalized water bottles are a great choice for hotels and restaurants, which in addition to food can offer their personalized water and not sell other commercial waters. If we have given the client a personalized water bottle with an interesting label, there is a high possibility that they will use that plastic bottle more than once, especially if they have a developed environmental awareness.

The sale of plastic bottles will continue to function in the market because it is practical and useful. The more people develop environmental awareness, the less likely they are to throw it away right after first use than to refill it, leaving your personalized water bottles in use. It is definitely necessary that the label on your personalized water bottle is made nice, interesting and that it represents your company well. So why wouldn’t plastic bottles for sale be your personalized water bottles?

Present your company with the help of a personalized water bottle and you will get quality advertising and satisfied customers.

Table water is similar in composition to water for public water supply systems. Sources of these waters can be: surface waters (rivers, lakes), rainwater or groundwater pumping stations. These springs are very unstable, which is why water quality changes. Natural drinking water must comply with the regulations on the health safety of drinking water.

Natural spring water 902 comes from an underground source, which is protected from any possibility of contamination. The label SPRING WATER is awarded by the competent state institution, and indicates stricter control criteria in relation to table water.